I have a dream

I have a dream. I have a dream. That great line from that great speech by Martin Luther King. Now, how many people have heard that wonderful mind and heart stirring speech? Millions upon millions of people no doubt. And how many billions of people are tired of having dreams that never coming true? Tired of not having the opportunities that they should do because of finances and overinflated costs, including education and educational tools. Quite a few, quite a few. And how many people are tired of dreaming of a safer and a less violent world? Most of the planet I should imagine? And how many people are tired of politics and tired of politicians who on the whole have good hearts and minds and are compassionate, but who are far too frequently pushed for time, and who set out to achieve great things, but never do. Most of the world sadly, and unfortunately because of this, the violence and the suffering of the world continues. And why, why do we feel so frustrated at those in power, so frustrated at those who work incredibly hard but because of the lack of time, rarely accomplish the things that they should do? Because they do not analyse problems effectively, and they view the major problems of the world as expensive to solve, but this is not the case, it is not true, and it has never been true. The problems of the world when you look at them, they are not mountains, they are molehills. Yes, molehills not mountains. The politicians of the world and many people in the world view solving the problems of the world as most likely to be an expensive exercise. This misguided thinking has blighted the world, and it has exacerbated and prolonged the suffering of the human race, and there is no logical reason for it. Because there is no logical reason that we cannot solve the problems of the world, right now. And why shouldn’t we solve the major problems of the world, when we have all the resources that we could ever need, and when we have all the money that we need in the world. No, there is no reason not to. The only thing that is stopping the world from eradicating homelessness and famine and drought is because, we, as the world, we view the solutions to the major problems of the world from the wrong angle, and we do not analyse our problems correctly. Problems that have afflicted the world for far too long, and that for far too long have caused great suffering on a daily basis. Every homeless person who wishes to be, could be housed for well under £20,000, if the Governments of the world allow people and give people land to use, and to rent, and gave them free courses on building when people wished, and gave them access for free, in an organised way, to the raw naturual resources of the world, and allowed them to build houses for far smaller sums than you can buy houses from traditional building companies, then homelessness could be eradicated. Famine and drought can easily be eradicated by building faster aircraft that can fly around the world in hours, rather in a day.
I had a dream. I have a dream. I wish I could have a dream come true. I wish the problems of the world could be solved. Now, how many people think like that? Most of the human race. And what is standing in our way, what is standing in our way of achieving our dreams of eradicating the major problems of the world? And what is standing in the way of eradicating and educating the world, and giving everyone access to education. Far too often greed, and far too often our outdated ways of thinking, and far too often our fear of great expense, and our poor analytical skills, that put up invisible walls, invisible walls where there are no walls except in the mind, invisible walls that make us think, solve world problems? No, that we can not do, because it will be far too expensive. And also, all we can do is continually throw money at problems and provide temporary fixes, and that is the best that we can do. And that negative, and that misguided way of thinking continues to harm the world, and it costs the world more than it would do to solve the worlds major problems, and because of that negative way of thinking, the world continues and has continued to suffer for far too long, and logically it should never have done, because we have everything that we need including all the money and the resources that are easily accessible, to achieve the eradication of the worlds major problems. And that being the case, should we not solve the worlds problems and end the great vicious cycle of human suffering that comes because of those major problems? Yes, we should, and there is no time like the present to do so. I had a dream, I have a dream, we have a dream, we have dreams that the worlds problems should no longer exist. And now is the time, now is the time together, together as one great team, one great team, the human race, to throw out old outdated ideas, and to throw out outdated ways of thinking, and to make those dreams come true. And now is the time to eradicate homelessness and famine and drought, and all the suffering that because of them the human race has been put through and continues currently to be put through. Yes, now is the time is it not? The time to work together, the time to work together to improve and better the lives of so many in the human race, and the time to prevent the repetition of seeing the lives of countless numbers of our fellow human beings dying needlessly time and time again, and who continue to die so needlessly, because up until now, we have believed wrongly that the solutions to the major problems of the world, to correct are far too expensive. I have dream, we have dream, yes, a dream that we can believe in, a dream that through positivity and a change of mindset, that we can achieve, yes, a dream that can be no longer a dream, and what a dream, what a great dream, the eradication of the worlds major problems, yes, a wonderful dream, the solutions to the world’s problems, yes, they are no longer like a mirage but they are an achievable reality. I have a dream, we have a dream, and together, we are stronger than ever with the facts and the truth that there are no great mountains stopping us from conquering the worlds problems, but instead molehills. I have a dream, we have a dream. Yes, together, we are better, and with positive minds and hearts, and together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

Written by Ben Robinson

More poetry and writing by me can be found at my website below:




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